vehicle on alignment machine

Wheel Alignment Service

How do I know when my vehicle needs an alignment?

  • Uneven tire wear on the outside is likely one of the signs of lack of alignment.
  • If your vehicle drifts to one side even when you think you're going straight.
  • Vibrating steering wheel.
  • A severe curbside bump could disrupt the alignment.

The benefits of alignment is most visible on your tires. Within time tires will wear evenly allowing you to get more out of your tire investment. The purchase of tires is usually more expensive than the schedule alignment. Plus, a proper alignment allows you to have better control of your vehicle on the road when you needed most.

Improved gas mileage is also one of additional benefits of auto alignment.

These are some of the signs that your vehicle needs to be service and worth asking the professionals at Fern Automotive Service. Specially if you haven't kept with schedule maintenance. Schedule an appointment today.


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